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Why whyborder?

Choose from 24 countries and 54 cities

Our selection of property is second to none; from China to Canada, take your pick of property across the world, anywhere.

Property search, made easy

Whether it's by districts or train stations or even landmarks, our intuitive property search system will ensure that you know exactly where you are when searching for your dream property.

Property types, made for everyone

A million househunters, a million needs. With WhyBorder, you can search specifically for unique kinds of properties, such as nursing homes and student lodging; no more cross-referencing with other websites to confirm property types.

Learn the latest about foreign housing markets

Need more information on the latest happenings in foreign property markets? We've got you covered; read freely from our curated list of articles and reports for each country that we offer property in.

Demystify foreign duties and taxes

Unsure of the local laws for that property you're eyeing? Our comprehensive list of legal conditions for each foreign housing market will surely help you in making a more informed decision.

View property exteriors and interiors, all at your screen

Why settle for buying properties that you've never seen the inside of? We go the extra mile by offering online guided tours of our listed properties with onsite agents.