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whyborder is the culmination of many years of excellence, expertise and experience in the overseas real estate business. We started off in 2010 as SQFT Global following the great success achieved under the flagship of OrangeTee Global Properties in 2007. Within these 13 years, SQFT Global has flourished and expanded itself significantly, and currently operates from 10 different offices across Asia while covering over 54 cities in 24 countries.

whyborder is all that we’ve gained these 17 years, and much, much more. It is a complete paradigm shift that leaves traditional real-estate advertising far behind in terms of marketing reach, human effort, and even marketing cost. We invite you to think - “Why?” Why should buying or selling overseas property be hard? Why let your buyers endure endless calls, confirmations and physical visits when choosing an overseas property could bejust a click away? In this new digital age, why tie yourself to the borders of old?

Just as our name suggests - whyborder?

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